lundi 29 septembre 2008

Leo 17

θ, 3.5,

in the manzil Al Zubrah, shares with δ the title Al Ḣarātān, Al Bīrūnī saying that "when they rise Suhail is seen in Al Izak," — wherever this may be. The Century Cyclopedia gives Chort as the individual name, from the combined title. Ulug Beg substituted the 5th‑magnitude Fl. 72 for δ as the second member of the manzil, his translator placing them in coxis, "in the hips," as does the Heis Atlas.
In China it was Tsze Seang, the Second Minister of State.

ι, Binary and perhaps variable, 4.6 and 7.4, yellowish — possibly varying.

Reeves mentioned this as Tsze Tseang, the Second General.
The lesser star is suspected of change in color and in brilliancy down to the 9th magnitude. The components now are about 2ʺ.6 apart, at a position angle of 57°.

κ, Double, 4.8 and 10.5, yellow and blue.

This was designated by Ulug Beg as Al Minhar al Asad, the Lion's Nose, still correct for it as laid down on the Heis Atlas, although now never used as a star-title.
The components are 3ʺ apart, at a position angle of 203°.8.
λ, 4.8, red.

Alterf is from Al Tarf, the name for the 7th manzil, which it formed with ξ Cancri. The word has generally been rendered the Glance, i.e. of the Lion's eye, although on modern maps the star lies in the open mouth, where Ptolemy located it. But it also had the secondary meaning of the Extremity, still more appropriate here, and so understood by Ideler.

μ, 4.3, orange,

and ε were Al Ashfār, the Eyebrows; but, singly, the Arabians designated μ as Al Rās al Asad al Shamāliyy, the Lion's Head towards the South, which, by abbreviation, has become Rasalas in modern lists; and sometimes, but very insufficiently, plain Alshemali. Al Nasr al Dīn mentioned ε and μ as "a whip's length apart," a common expression for measurement among the Arabs, here indicating a little more than 2°.
π, a 5th‑magnitude red star, was the Chinese Yu Neu, the Honorable Lady.
ρ, a 4th‑magnitude, marked the 16th ecliptic constellation of Babylonia, Maru-sha-arkat-Sharru, that Epping translated the Fourth Son (or the Four-Year-Old Son) behind the King.
σ, 4.1, is the Chinese Shang Tseang, the Higher General.
χ, a 5th‑magnitude, with c and d, was Ling Tae, a Wonderful Tower, and ψ, a double of the 6th and 10th magnitudes, bright orange and bluish white in color, was Tsew Ke, a Wine-flagon, but this included ξ and ω Leonis with κ and ξ Cancri.

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