vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Pleiades 3

θ1 and θ2, 4.1 and 3.6, pearly white and yellowish,

form a naked-eye double in the Hyades to which Mr. William Peck applies the name Alya; but, as this is inappropriate and found with no other author for these stars, may we not suspect error in transcription? — this title belonging by universal recognition to another θ1, — that of Serpens.
Although 337ʺ apart, our thetas may be in physical relation to each other.
ι, with k, l, n, and o, between the horns, all of about the 5th magnitude, were the Chinese Choo Wang, the Many Princes.
κ1 and κ2, 4.4 and 6.5, and υ, 4.3; φ, Double, 5.1 and 8, and χ, Double, 5.6 and 8,

stretching from the left eye to the left ear of the Bull, were the Arabs' Al Kalbain, the Two Dogs, i.e. of Al Dabarān, who, as the Driver of the Pleiades, would naturally have his dogs as near-by attendants.
Reeves included φ, χ, and ψ in the Chinese Li Shih, a Coarse Sandstone; χ and υ in Tien Keae, the Heavenly Street; and π and ρ, of the 5th magnitude, with other small stars near the Hyades, in Tien Tsze, Heaven's Festival.
A pair of 11th‑magnitude stars, 4ʺ.9 apart, lies between the kappas; the phi stars, yellow and orange in color, are 53ʺ.6 apart; and the components of χ, white and bluish white, are 19ʺ.3 apart.

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