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Lupus 5

This constellation seems to have been an unidentified animal for both the Greeks and Romans, simply known as Therion. Both cultures thought Centaurus was offering this animal as a sacrifice. By the time Johann Bayer published his catalogue of constellations in the early seventeenth century, the animal was considered a wolf.
Lupus or the wolf. Filomeleo son of Demeter and Yasonte was the first agriculturist of the world according to Greek mythology. It seems to be that his Licaón grandfathers invited to Zeus to a banquet and he served to him to his own Arcade grandson like food. Zeus recomposed theA body of this one and he turned it star, Arcturus (a Bootis); but according to another version after recomposing the body of Arcade occurred it to raise to a goatherd and punished to the grandfathers turning it a wolf or Lupus and setting afire its mansion.

Lupus, is precious austral constellation that crosses the parallel of 40º of South latitude. One is in a rich zone in stars since it is practically in the equator of the Milky Route, therefore we can observe great amount of stellar and globular clusters. He is visible in the South hemisphere during the months of February to October and in the North hemisphere it culminates to very little distance of the observable horizon during the month of June, is easy to identify it if we left from Scorpius and we observed the Eastern zone of the same one.

Lupus limits the north with the constellations from Scorpius and Libra to the east with Centaurus, the south with Circinus and the west with the constellations of Norma and Scorpius again.

Lupus I located the 2 to it of May of 1986 at the age of 19 years from the locality of Cán Picafort, Majorca, Spain, logically, where I write these lines to you from the parallel +40º of North latitude Lupus it culminates to few degrees of the horizon and is observable the North zone of the constellation; I hope in future trips to be able to contemplate it completely.

Main stars

Alpha, a; of magnitude 2.29 and blue color. Earth light is to 548 years, is a blue giant 2800 times more shining than our Sun.

Beta, b; of magnitude 2.68 and blue color. One is another blue supergiant 1800 times more luminous than our Sun that is to 524 years Earth light.

Gamma, g; about 2.78 magnitude and also blue color is a blue supergiant 1900 times more luminous than the Sun that dista of us 174 years light.

Other objects

NGC 5824, precious globular cluster of magnitude 9.0 of 6' of diameter arc, is to 80,000 years Earth light. One is located in the North zone near Libra.

NGC 5986, precious globular cluster of magnitude 7.1 of 6' of diameter arc, is to 34,000 years Earth light. One is in the central zone of the constellation.

NGC 5927, precious globular cluster of magnitude 8.3 of 12' of diameter arc, is to 29,000 years Earth light. One is closely together in the South zone of the constellation of the constellation of Norm.

NGC 5749, stellar cluster of magnitude 8.80 of 8' of diameter arc that is to 2900 years light of us. It has a considered age of 91 million years. It is formed by star of the tenth and eleventh magnitude. It is located closely together to the south of the constellation of the limit with the constellation of Norma.

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