mardi 2 septembre 2008

Ara 2

The Altar

The Story
The Cosmic WarThe Gods of the Greek pantheon like Zeus, Hera, Hermes, and Athene, were sometimes called the Olympians, because they made their home on the top of Mount Olympus, which the Greeks imagined as towering up at the center of the earth. the Olympians were, according to classical mythology, a younger generation of gods, who won their place in the pantheon by overturning an older generation of gods, known as the Titans. It was a cosmic battle in which many terrible creatures were released into the world, and there was death and destruction.
The Celestial AltarThe celestial altar Ara was set into the heavens by the Olympians. Some say that the altar was set up before the great war, as the site where the Olympians swore oaths of mutual allegiance and support in the forthcoming battle with the Titans. Others say that the altar was erected by the Olympians after the war to commemorate their victory.
The Altar and the WeatherAra was seen as being an omen of the weather. If Ara was visible in a sky otherwise covered with clouds, it was said that sailors could expect storms from the south. And indeed, in Greece Ara at its greatest altitude appears only a small distance above the southern horizon.

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