mardi 8 juillet 2008

Aquarius 6

"The stars in the shoulder of Aquarius operate like Saturn and Mercury; those in the left hand and in the face do the same; those in the thighs have an influence more consonant with that of Mercury, and in a less degree with that of Saturn; those in the stream of water have power similar to that of Saturn and moderately to that of Jupiter".

Ptolemy West of Pisces and below the neck of Pegasus lie the stars of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, one of the oldest constellations. Aquarius is a very elaborate constellation and one difficult to visualize because of its abundance of stars. The easiest way to locate Aquarius is to remember the two shoulder stars alpha (Sadalmelek) and beta (Sadalsuud).

A line drawn to epsilon (Albali) on one side and the characteristic triangle of stars eta and pi and gamma (Sadalbachi), (with zeta in the center) on the other side, represents the Water Jug. Fomalhaut, in Piscis Austrinus, is the end of the water flow. Between the jug and Fomalhaut is a multitude of faint stars representing the spatters and droplets of water.

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