vendredi 19 septembre 2008

Sagitta 4

Alpha Sagittae (α Sge) is a star in the constellation Sagitta. It also has the traditional name Sham or Alsahm which comes to us from Arabic and means Arrow, the name formerly having been applied to the whole constellation.
α Sge is a yellow bright giant star of apparent magnitude +4.37 and spectral class G1 II about 475 light years from Earth. It has a luminosity 340 times that of the Sun with a surface temperature of 5400 kelvins. The star's radius is roughly 20 times solar while its mass is 4 times the solar mass.

Gamma Sagittae (γ Sge / γ Sagittae) est l'étoile la plus brillante de la constellation de la Flèche.


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